About Us

If you sit at your desk staring at that incredible wallpaper of Machu Picchu, wishing yourself into it or find yourself with a travel bucket list that actually needs a bucket to fit in, then we at Pikk Global RouteS might just have the thing for you. At Pikk Global RouteS we know just how precious those few days of your vacation are, and are here to make it as epic and grand as you have ever hoped it to be.

We are what you call a theme-based travel solution company, young and dynamic at heart (chalk it up to all the incredible travels we venture on), and tailor vacations as per your needs - be it places to visit, things to do, specific stay and cuisine requirements to be mindful of, of course, budget concerns and any range of considerations that you may have.

Tell us where you want to go and leave the planning and organizing, down to the very last detail, to us. Not sure where you want to go? No worries, tell us what you have in mind and we will ensure that this dream adventure of yours becomes a reality.

We have tied-up with a range of luxury resorts, camps and other travel service providers across the country and you can be rest assured that we have something for everyone and every travel need of yours, whether it's a much awaited family vacation, long overdue trip with friends or a corporate retreat.

Just to give you an idea of our range of services - we organize different types of wildlife tours, corporate outings, bike tours, trekking tours, honeymoon retreats, family vacations, and getaways with friends - you just name it and we will make it happen for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop fantasizing about breaking free, waiting for the day when you will throw caution to the wind and set sail into the horizon, and come visit us at Pikk Global RouteS - we will have you preparing for your epic adventure in just the right way.