Back End Support to Outbound Training Companies


With most of the team of Global RouteS coming from a background of Outbound Training and Adventure, they are unable to take OBTs out of their DNA! Hence we continue to provide the back end support to Outbound Training Companies across the country. The support we provide includes the following:

1. Venues: We provide the best deal with venues that suit the Outbound Training requirements of our client's client. The venues we recommend will have ample space inside and around it for adventure and lawn based activities. While mountains provide the best venues for Adventure, foothills, beaches and deserts can provide excellent adventure too.

2. Transport: We understand that an Outbound Training begins from the time the group gets together to travel. We arrange for the travel of the participants in line with the plan and time that they are looking to start the training session.

3. Equipment: We have our inhouse equipment for the Adventure and the Non- Adventure activities. The equipment we possess is of international quality with the highest safety standards, because we believe in challenging individuals and teams, but in a safe setting. Not only is our equipment of the best quality, it also allows our clients to conduct some very innovative activities.

4. Manpower: Our team of Outdoor Instructors includes both Senior and not so Senior Mountaineers. However, they are all qualified as Basic or Advanced Mountaineers from NIM, HMI and NOLS. The team is trained to communicate pleasantly with the participants and ensuring the highest standards of safety.