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If your sole reason for visiting a national park in India is to see a tiger, look no further. A couple of days at Bandhavgarh almost guarantees you a tiger sighting in this relatively small park that boasts the highest density of tigers in India. As well as the star attraction, there are also more than 40 leopards (although they are rarely seen) and more commonly sighted animals such as deer, wild boar and langur.

Like Kanha, Bandhavgarh also has a lot of budget accommodation making this a good place for independent travellers to find other people to share safari costs.

The park takes its name from an ancient fort perched on top of 800m-high cliffs. Its ramparts provide a home for vultures, blue rock thrushes and crag martins. You can visit it on special jeep trips during the day, but you'll have to pay all the usual park entry fees.

The park is entered at the small, laid-back village of Tala, 32km from Umaria, the nearest train station.