Barmer, located in the western part of Rajasthan, is a desert town just 153 km from Jaisalmer. It forms a major part of the Thar Desert. The original name of the village was Bahadmer which means the hill fort of Bahada. The town has many historical sites and is a popular tourist destination. The trip to Barmer can be very interesting and offers fascinating sights as one gets to pass through rural Rajasthan. One will see small villages with mud-houses decorated with folk motifs, and colorfully attired people on the way. Though a barren land with harsh climate and tough terrain; Barmer is known for its rich crafts, dance and music.


The name Barmer is derived from the ruler Bahada Rao Parmar (Panwar) or Bar Rao Parmar who is said to have founded the town in the 13th century. Earlier it was called Bahadamer, meaning The Hill Fort of Bahada. The present Barmer district was formed in 1949, when Jodhpur state was merged in Rajasthan. Recently, India's first onshore oil field was discovered in Barmer.


The place is a barren land and witnesses dry climate for most part of the year. The best time to visit the place is from October to March. During summers (March to May) temperatures are extreme and conditions can get uncomfortable. Winters are mild and this is the peak tourist season. The area is generally drought prone and rainfall is not much.