Famous for its sand dunes, Khuri is a small village about 50 km southwest of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. Though lesser known than the Saam sand dunes, 40 km to the northwest, Khuri is less crowded and provides a more enjoyable experience.

The magnificent stretch of sweeping dunes shining golden as the sun makes its way on the horizon, riders on gaily decorated camels or the stillness of the desert; picture postcard memories which Khuri offers in abundance.

Yet to figure prominently on the tourist map, Khuri has escaped commercialization and the hordes that descend to visit the sand dunes. The sand dunes of Thar desert can be reached from the village within 30 minutes, lesser if you are travelling by a vehicle.

Signs of development are visible in Khuri as more and more people discover it. Locals have also been quick to exploit the increasing popularity of the village. Stay in the houses made from mud and straws is the USP of several homestays in Khuri.

Visitors to Khuri split their sojourn into a night in the village and one in the desert. A night in the desert offers an ideal setting to star gaze. To entice the visitors, bonfires accompanied with folk songs and Kalbeliya dance are a common routine. Camel races and camel polo are also arranged for the entertainment of the tourists.

There really is nothing else for you to do in Khuri. Days are spent idling in the sun, partaking of authentic Rajasthani meals, witnessing sunrises and sunsets from the sand dunes.

If interested in birding or wildlife in general, Khuri offers vantage points to watch the Demoiselle crane or the Great Indian Bustard. A trip to Desert National Park (DNP), about 65 km north of Khuri, can also be clubbed with a trip to Khuri. One of the largest national parks in the country, DNP's population consists of over 120 resident and migratory birds.