A prominent fishing harbour on the Karnataka coast, Malpe is known for its pristine beach. About six km from the temple town of Udupi, the beach town is located at the mouth of the Udyavarariver. Besides its port and the beach, Malpe is also known for its temple dedicated to Vadabhandeshwara.

The beach is the prime attraction of Malpe. Its beauty and scenic splendour attracts tourists as well as locals. The golden sand on the beach, palm trees and clear blue water make the beach look more special.

Apart from the beach, the temple of Vadabhandeshwara is the main attraction of Malpe. The temple, located near Malpe port, is also known as the temple of Anantheshwara. Lord Balrama (brother of Lord Krishna) is the presiding deity and it is believed the idol was installed by philosopher-saint Sri Madhavacharya.

Malpe is surrounded by four rocky islands - Daria Bahadurgad, St. Mary's Island, Kari-Illada-Kallu and Daria-Gadara-Kalluthe. Among these, St. Mary's and Daria Bahadurgad Islands are more popular with the tourists. It is believed that the fort on the Daria Bahadurgad was built us by BasavappaNaik of Bidanur.

Fishing is the prime occupation of the locals. Apart from fishing, people are also engaged in tile manufacturing and in coconut industry.

Malpe is also famous for its seafood. You can get variety of seafood at the several food outlets in the town especially those close to the beach.

Malpe is also the site of the Spring Zouk festival. It is predominantly a DJ fest and showcases art, music, cuisine and culture.


The best time to visit Malpe is from August to March. The climate during these months remains less humid.


Malpe Beach: The beach is the prime attraction of Malpe; it is the favourite hangout spot. The golden sand, palm trees and clear blue water enhances the beauty of the beach. Water sport activities like boating, angling, and wave-riding are available on the beach. The beach is a major fishing harbour; hence it is also an ideal place for fishing.

Vadabhandeshwara Temple: Also known as Anantheshwara temple, it is located near by the Malpe port. The temple is dedicated to Lord Balrama (brother of Lord Krishna). It is said that the idol of Lord Balram was installed by Philosopher Sri Madhavacharya. Devotees visit the temple on the new moon day or Mahalaya Amavasya to offer prayers and to bath in the sea.